Eight AptarGroup manufacturing plants are now landfill free

Eight AptarGroup manufacturing plants are now landfill free

Global dispensing solutions provider AptarGroup now operates eight landfill free manufacturing plants, according to the company’s latest corporate sustainability report.

Headquartered in Illinois, AptarGroup operates in 20 countries and has a total of 46 manufacturing facilities. By the end of 2014, eight facilities were certified by the company’s Landfill Free progam, meaning that all waste generated from normal operations is reused, recycled or converted to energy.

Fourteen were ISO 14001 certified for their systematic approach to handling environmental issues and three were ISO 50001 certified for managing energy.

As well as focusing on the impact that the company is having on the planet, AptarGroup’s Corporate Sustainability Report also examines sustainability in regards to its products and people.

In 2014, AptarGroup launched an employee engagement survey to give 13,000 employees worldwide a voice in shaping the company’s future direction. A total of 1,200 employees completed training in-house through Aptar Corporate University and 100 employees from 32 facilities completed water risk awareness training.

Also in 2014, AptarGroup introduced ‘Voice of the Customer’ surveys to help the company understand the sustainability needs important to customers.

In terms of products, AptarGroup has outlined its commitment to investing in research and development to identify new innovations that can meet customers’ needs while simultaneously reducing environmental impact. The company has stated that it is conducting life cycle assessments and exploring alternative materials.

Stephen Hagge, President and CEO commented, “When I think about our organization, I am most proud of the passion I see across our global workforce. Many of our greatest successes began as grassroots efforts, initiated by dedicated employees.

“Certainly elements of our sustainability work aim to meet consumer needs. But a close look at much of the work we have done to reduce waste to landfill; test and evaluate new, more efficient equipment; and institute new processes and procefures to reduce energy and water use, reveals most activity is accomplished at the facility level, driven by passionate individuals.”