ELC and Aveda to pilot blockchain tech to track vanilla

ELC and Aveda to pilot blockchain tech to track vanilla

THE WHAT? The Estee Lauder Companies-owned Aveda has partnered with LMR Naturals by IFF, Biovanilla, BSR and Wholechain to launch a pilot program to leverage blockchain technology in its Madagascan vanilla supply chain.

THE DETAILS Blockchain technology provides further traceability by collating data from supply chain partners in real-time via a secure, digital system. The program will bring blockchain-enabled, traceable vanilla to more than 125 products by spring 2021.

THE WHY? Blockchain creates a digital record that enables visibility into the entire supply chain, helping manufacturers to verify the source and quality of ingredients. As Lauder attests, “Tracing and verifying the steps in the supply chain from 450 smallholder vanilla farmers all the way to Aveda’s manufacturing facility, the extensive pilot provides a true proof of concept that can be leveraged by others in the industry to improve transparency and raise sourcing standards.”