Elodie Naturals to hold outdoor skin care classes

Elodie Naturals to hold outdoor skin care classes

THE WHAT? Elodie’s Naturals has announced that it has teamed up with the American Horticultural Society to hold a series of classes in Alexandria, Virginia to educate and practice all-natural, plant-based skin care formulations.

THE DETAILS Classes will be held outdoors, in-person but socially-distanced in the American Horticultural Society’s garden.

THE WHY? “Elodie’s Naturals was born from a mission: educate and offer healthy, fresh, and effective skincare products while sourcing the most ethical way plant-based ingredients,” says Elodie Cally, founder of Elodie’s Naturals. “More and more people care about what they put on their skin. Making skincare is like cooking, if you have healthy and fresh organic ingredients, you will get the most active nutrients for your skin. Food for skin with an ethical approach.”

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