Essie partners with Project UnLonely to help tackle ‘epidemic of loneliness’

Essie partners with Project UnLonely to help tackle ‘epidemic of loneliness’

THE WHAT? Essie has announced its philanthropic partnership in the US with The Foundation for Art & Healing’s Project UnLonely.

THE DETAILS Project UnLonely is designed to focus public awareness on the negative physical and mental health consequences of loneliness, while exploring and promoting creative arts-based approaches to address the impact.

“At essie, we’re obsessed with color and its power to bring people together through storytelling,” said Isabelle Carramaschi, Vice President of essie. “We’ve never been more connected by technology, but an overwhelming amount of people are simultaneously struggling with a level of disconnection never seen before. As a brand that drives personal connections and has a large community of Gen Z cohorts, essie feels a responsibility to help create a positive change. Hands All In aims to create colorful connections to uplift those who feel lonely.”

THE WHY? With 61 percent of Gen Z admitting that they feel lonely, and 46 percent agreeing that their loneliness has been exacerbated by the pandemic, essie is hoping to create positive change among its Gen Z audience. The partnership is part of the nail polish brand’s Hands All In global initiative, supporting its conscious brand values.

Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH, Harvard Medical School faculty member and Founder and President of the Foundation for Art & Healing, explains, “FAH launched Project UnLonely in 2016 well before the rise of loneliness was becoming a global concern, and its urgency now cannot be overstated. Through our programs we’re continuing to see the power of creative expression and the arts having remarkable impact, improving connection and fostering a sense of belonging.  We’re excited to partner with essie to bring these novel approaches to college students navigating the social and emotional challenges of the campus experience.”