Estée Lauder Companies announces new Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

Estée Lauder Companies announces new Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

The Estée Lauder Companies has announced the appointment of Laraine Mancini as the new Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, who will report directly to Tracey T. Travis, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Mancini will succeed Dennis D’Andrea, who is set to retire on 2nd July, 2018, and will take over duties including the ‘day-to-day comprehensive, strategic investor relations program’ while also serving as a spokesperson to the investment community on the company’s performance and corporate values.

As an experienced finance executive in the media, business and financial sectors, Mancini will take on responsibilities such as broadening awareness of ELC among global institutional investors by leading the company’s dialogue with the global investment community. She will also be tasked with educating current and prospective investors as well as the analyst community about the ELC’s business strategies and performance.

Travis stated, “Laraine’s deep expertise and diverse experience brings a fresh, innovative and modern approach to investor relations.
“I am confident that Laraine’s impressive financial market and investment analysis capabilities combined with her extensive investor relations background and broad network of relationships will further strengthen our Investor Relations initiatives and deepen the financial community’s view of our longstanding leadership in the industry.”