Estée Lauder’s Brush with Cybersecurity

Estée Lauder’s Brush with Cybersecurity

THE WHAT? The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. has experienced a cybersecurity incident involving unauthorised third-party access to specific systems. Upon discovering the breach, the company immediately deactivated some systems and launched an investigation. The preliminary findings suggest the unauthorised party has extracted data, with the nature and extent still under review.

THE DETAILS? The company has taken immediate steps to secure its operations in response to the breach. This includes efforts to repair and restore the impacted systems and services. The incident has disrupted and is anticipated to disrupt further the company’s regular business operations.

THE WHY? Estée Lauder acknowledges the resilience of its workforce during this crisis. The incident is ongoing, with the company’s focus remaining on business continuity, consumer protection, and stakeholder engagement.