EU to charge ‘polluting’ cosmetics firms for wastewater treatment

EU to charge ‘polluting’ cosmetics firms for wastewater treatment

THE WHAT? The European Union is mulling new legislation that would require cosmetics manufacturers to contribute to the cost of wastewater treatment, according to a report published by the Financial Times.

THE DETAILS The European Commission claims that 92 percent of toxic micropollutants in water derive from pharmaceutical and personal care products and therefore the manufacturers of these harmful substances should pay for their removal. If passed, the new regulations would come into force in 2024 and require manufacturers to cover approximately a quarter of the cost of wastewater treatment.

THE WHY? The Financial Times, quoting draft legislation, revealed that charging the polluters ‘will significantly reduce the load of micropollutants entering surface and groundwaters’ by both incentivising the development of more environmentally friendly products and also ensuring the cost of treating wastewater properly is met.