EU updates cosmetics regulation with new zinc oxide entry

EU updates cosmetics regulation with new zinc oxide entry

The European Commission has updated the Cosmetics Product Regulation with an amendment that includes a new nanomaterial ingredient.

New entry zinc oxide in the nano form has been included in the Commission Regulation 2016/621, the new regulation which amends Annex VI of the Cosmetics Product Regulation 1223/2009.

Zinc Oxide is being included as a permitted UV filter in ready to use cosmetic products, with the new entry – 30a zinc oxide (nano) – being in addition to the existing entry for zinc oxide. The maximum permitted concentration of both 30 and 30a in cosmetic products is 25 percent m/m.

According to the government website, ‘To address the potential inhalation hazard of particles whether or not in the nano-size range, both entries have the same restriction ‘not to be used in applications that may lead to exposure of the end-user’s lungs by inhalation.’

The regulation is still yet to reference methods of how the particle sizes will be made, ‘as well as associated methods used in assessing nanomaterials including measuring water solubility.”