EU voices worries over Israel’s draft cosmetics regulation

EU voices worries over Israel’s draft cosmetics regulation

The EU has voiced its concerns that comments it made regarding Israel’s draft cosmetics regulation have not been heeded, according to Chemical Watch.

According to the EU in an WTO notification, the draft falls short of the EU legislation on which it is based, with Israel deviating from certain points.

While the EU proposes that each cosmetic product is linked with a ‘responsible person’, Israel has included a requirement that the responsible person must submit quarterly reports for every product.

Calling for Israeli authorities to revise the amendment, the EU stated that it would be, “very challenging and time consuming for companies without providing additional protection to consumers.”

Likewise the requirement to get a GMP certification from an authority is, “not in line with the EU cosmetics Regulation or with any international practice across the world.”

The draft also goes against the EU in terms of nanoparticles, with Israel requiring nanomaterials to be alerted six months before going on the market, as opposed to the EU which does not require this for any nanoparticles as listed in Annexes III to VI.

In order to allow for correct functioning of the legislation, the EU has suggested a sufficient transitionary period of a year for implementation and six months after to have it fully functional.

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  1. It seems that Israel is requiring more strict regulations to monitor product and protect consumers by ensuring manufacturers provide quarterly compliance and earlier nanomaterial alerts. Perhaps the EU should be looking to roll out a more stringent plan to allow for consumer visibility and protection.


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