European Commission establishes scientific criteria for EDCs

European Commission establishes scientific criteria for EDCs

The European Commission has published its scientific criteria for the identification of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), according to a report published by Chemical Watch.

The EC has based its findings on the WHO definition, incorporating the salient points of the Consensus Statement, which was agreed by experts at a meeting called by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in April.

A Communication relates the background on the definition debate for EDCs, as well as outlining the implications of the management of EDCs under the Regulations on biocides, plant protection products and cosmetics, including REACH. The criteria are set out in two draft acts.

The Commission will need to adopt both acts, with the criteria becoming immediately applicable. The Commission is scheduled to complete a review by year-end on whether EDCs should be excluded from the adequate control route for authorization, as well as report on its findings on how EDCs should be regulated under the current cosmetics legislation.