European Union restricts use of Climbazole

European Union restricts use of Climbazole

The European Union is set to restrict the use of preservative climbazole – both as a preservative and a non-preservative in beauty products, after the SCCS found that the current maximum concentration of 0.5 percent could be harmful to human health, according to a report published by Chemical Watch.

The maximum concentration set for use as a preservative stands at 0.5 percent for rinse-off shampoo and 0.2 percent for a preservative in face cream, hair lotion and foot care products, while for non-preservative use, it is limited to a concentration of 2 percent.

The new ruling, which was ushered in as an amendment to the cosmetics Regulation, will come into force from November 27 for new products and February 27, 2020 for pre-existing products.

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