FDA Imports expands services in Australasia

FDA Imports expands services in Australasia

Importation consultancy FDA Imports is strengthening its presence in Australasia to help businesses of all sizes import into the highly-regulated US market. 

The Principal of FDA Imports, Glen Burnie, has relocated to Australia with the intention of building alliances with clients, associations, and service providers in the Australasia region.

Burnie’s role will enable FDA Imports to provide legal and regulatory advice to businesses in China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Japan and other key exporting countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

FDA Imports focuses on providing solutions for the problems that accompany exporting cosmetics, food, beverages, dietary supplements, drugs and medical devices into the US.

The consultancy advises clients on mitigating the risks associated with regulatory enforcement, assisting in strengthening compliance programs, and on structuring business models and commercial transactions to manage the regulatory compliance and risks unique to FDA-regulated products.