FDA Seeks Boost for Public Health

FDA Seeks Boost for Public Health

THE WHAT? The FDA is seeking a US$7.2 billion budget for fiscal year 2025 to bolster food safety, medical product safety, and modernize infrastructure, reflecting a 7.4 percent increase from the previous year’s funding. This request aims to enhance the agency’s capacity to protect public health and prepare for future challenges by addressing its most urgent priorities and strengthening infrastructure and IT capabilities.

THE DETAILS  The budget details allocations for high-priority areas like food safety and nutrition, supply chain resiliency, and public health workforce support, including significant investments to modernize cosmetics regulation and agency operations. These funds are intended to improve the FDA’s response to foodborne illnesses, mitigate supply chain disruptions, and enhance the safety and oversight of cosmetic products and imported goods.

THE WHY? This budget proposal highlights the FDA’s strategic focus on strengthening its foundation to safeguard public health, encompassing efforts to enhance supply chain resiliency, food safety, and regulatory frameworks for medical and cosmetic products. By requesting additional funding and legislative support, the FDA aims to advance public health initiatives, support innovation, and ensure the effective regulation of food and medical products, aligning with its mission to protect American consumers and patients.