Firmenich pioneers new biotechnology for the fragrance industry

Firmenich pioneers new biotechnology for the fragrance industry

Switzerland-based fragrance maker Firmenich has announced large-scale production of Ambrox using a White Biotechnology fermentation process, coupled with proprietary green chemistry technology.

The new biotech process will create Ambrox to a large scale, with the product produced from the new processes available on the market in the coming months, a move that is said to cement its position in amber notes.

Gilbert Ghostine, CEO Firmenich, says, “Having pioneered white biotechnology for the fragrance industry, with the launch of Clearwood, I am very proud to see that we continue to lead through game-changing innovation with the introduction of a new biotech production process for Ambrox.”

The company prides itself on its commitment to research and invests 10 percent of its annual turnover to breakthrough science.

Geneviève Berger, Firmenich Chief Research Officer, said, “Clearwood won the Sepawa 2015 award for innovation, one of the industry’s most prestigious recognitions in Europe.
“This industry recognition, coupled with high customer demand, confirms that our world-class research continues to raise the bar within the industry.”



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