Firmenich showcases new technology that can cancel out odor

Firmenich showcases new technology that can cancel out odor

Firmenich marked World Toilet Day last week by unveiling a set of new breakthrough technologies that can counteract bad smells.

The cutting-edge solutions were developed in the context of the flavors and fragrance company’s partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to Reinvent the Toilet experience, which aims to reduce disease by encouraging use of dedicated facilities to reduce water pollution.

“Firmenich sent their scientists to study toilets in the developing world, and they have created a breakthrough set of ingredients that make it possible to eliminate the foul odor associated with toilets,” explained Bill Gates. “Their willingness to help and find the project with us and take risks has been very valuable. They are on a path to deliver an innovative product that also helps improve the world.”

“I deeply believe that business is a force for good and can address today’s sanitation crisis at scale,” said Gilbert Ghostine, CEO, Firmenich. “To make sure our breakthrough technologies reach the populations most in need, we are actively engaging with our strategic customers and partners to co-create affordable solutions.”

The technology uses a similar approach to noise cancelling headphones, in that Firmenich has created fragrances that inhibit the activation of the olfactory receptors sensitive to malodors, meaning that the user cannot perceive bad smells.