France Regulates Social Media Influencers

France Regulates Social Media Influencers

THE WHAT?   The French Parliament has unanimously passed a bipartisan bill aimed at regulating social media influencers, introducing penalties like jail time or fines for violations.

THE DETAILS This legislation emerges in response to growing concerns about influencers promoting harmful products or trends. The law defines influencers as those paid to use their popularity for promoting goods or services. It restricts the promotion of specific practices, including cosmetic surgery, certain medical devices, products with nicotine, and sports betting. Non-compliance can result in up to two years in prison and a fine of €300,000. The law also requires disclosure on promotional images if altered, and it mandates regulations for influencers’ agents.

THE WHY?  The bill aims to protect consumers, especially the younger demographic, from potentially misleading or harmful influencer promotions. It also introduces measures to hold platforms and influencers’ agents accountable, ensuring that influencers operating outside the European Union comply with specific regulations