Geiger Eyes Privatizing L’Occitane Amid Market Shifts

Geiger Eyes Privatizing L’Occitane Amid Market Shifts

THE WHAT? Reinold Geiger, the controlling shareholder of L’Occitane International SA, is discussing potentially privatizing the skincare company at a roughly $6.5 billion valuation. Current talks suggest an offer of up to HK$35 per share for the parts of L’Occitane Geiger doesn’t already own.

THE DETAILS L’Occitane shares were halted from trading in Hong Kong amidst these ongoing deliberations. Geiger, who controls over 70% of the company, is also considering possibly relocating L’Occitane’s stock listing to a European exchange soon.

THE WHY? Such moves by L’Occitane align with a broader trend of companies in Hong Kong going private. The company, known for its diverse skincare and beauty portfolio, was initially listed in Hong Kong in 2010, aiming to access the Chinese consumer market.