Geka unveils eco mascara design, vertTENTATION

Geka unveils eco mascara design, vertTENTATION

Geka has taken a ‘huge step’ for sustainable beauty, launching a ‘green mascara’ concept at Make Up in Paris.

The vertTENTATION line comprises three mascaras, one lengthening, one defining and one volumizing. Formulas are vegan and free from parabens, allergens and black carbon.

The mascara packaging is made of 100 percent food confirm PCR-PET, produced out of post-consumer PET-A bottle scraps. Caps are composed of 100 percent PCR-PP, again from post-consumer scarps such as yoghurt pots and detergent bottles. Meanwhile, the brush is formed of bio-based fibers consisting of 100 percent renewable raw materials derived from the castor oil plant and the wiper is made from LLDPE, with a bio-based content of 84 percent derived from sugar cane.

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