German chemicals company BASF launches range of hair styling formulations

German chemicals company BASF launches range of hair styling formulations

German chemicals company BASF has launched a new range of hair styling formulations targeted at cosmetics and personal care manufacturers.

The Trends & Textures Box features a set of formulations tailored to meet current hair styling trends.

The set includes Enduring Performance Styling Gel, which containss the thickening ingredient of Luvigel® Fit UP. The gelling agent does not thin and run in the presence of salts and thus offers a solution for sporty styling gels.

BASF’s Sleek and Styled Bodying Cream provides both texture and hold. The latter is achieved by BASF’s cationic polymer Luviquat® PQ11 AT 1.  

The company’s Out of the Shower Wet Look Styling Gel formulation provides the strong hold needed to mimic the popular wet look, thanks to the Ultrahold® Power.

BASF’s Rock Hard Styling Gel is aimed at creating punk and spiky hair styles. The anionic polymer Luviset® One is said to provide setting properties, and the cationic polymer Luviquat® Supreme AT1 boosts the formulation’s styling performance.

Styling hair using heat is increasingly popular among consumer and. Luviquat® Supreme AT1, is a cationic styling polymer that aims to provide effective heat protection of the hair during drying and styling. In addition to these new results, it is said to offes high setting, long-lasting hold at high humidities.

To controld flyaway hairs, natural sugar emulsifier Emulgade® Sucro has been added to the company’s Sugar Spun Smoothing Soufflé formulation, developed to effectively smooth down flyaway hair, condition dry ends and give hair a soft and silky finish.