Gillette files patent for innovative heated razor

Gillette files patent for innovative heated razor

Procter & Gamble-owned Gillette has filed a patent for ‘heated shaving razors’, which could bring heated razors to market.

The technology will see razors heat up when consumers put the razor in a battery-operated unit, with the company stating that all other heating shaving ideas, such as heated shaving creams, have come up with safety concern.

The patent states, ‘A heating element is mounted to the housing for transferring heat during a shaving stroke. The heating element includes a skin contacting surface and an opposing bottom surface defined by a perimeter wall.’

It continues to state that, ‘users of wet-shave razors generally appreciate a feeling of warmth against their skin during shaving. The warmth feels good, resulting in a more comfortable shaving experience.’

While not commenting on patent applications, P&G spokesperson Kara Buckley told Biz Journals, “However, what I can tell you is that: Innovation has been an important part of our heritage since our founder changed the way men shave forever in 1901. For over a century, we’ve pushed ourselves to make the shaving experience better and better for men – and we remain focused on this goal today, right here from the heart of Boston.”