Gillette files patent infringement lawsuit against Edgewell Personal Care

Gillette files patent infringement lawsuit against Edgewell Personal Care

Procter & Gamble-owned Gillette has filed a lawsuit against rivals Edgewell Personal Care in the federal court at New Haven, Connecticut in a bid to halt sales of its Schick razor blade cartridges.

The Hydro Connect 5 and Hydro Connect 5 Sensitive cartridges are designed to fit the Gillette Fusion handles, with Gillette stating that the design infringes its 2015 patent for a removable shaving cartridge.

According to the filing, the design has caused Gillette ‘irreparable harm’, with the company requesting Edgewell pay royalties and damages. The move follows Gillette’s price slash on its razors by around 12 percent in what is thought to be a move to keep pace with the growing competition within the market from the likes of Schick, Harry’s and the Dollar Shave Club.

P&G has also made moves to block Edgewell from importing ‘infringing’ products from China by filing a complaint with the US International Trade Commission.

The recent filing will be the second time Gillette has sued Edgewell Personal Care in 13 months; the company previously challenged Edgewell marketing claims that its private label three-blade razors and cartridges were as ‘good or better than Mach3.’ The lawsuit was dismissed following a settlement between the companies.