Givaudan announces expanded collaboration with industrial bioscience company Amyris

Givaudan announces expanded collaboration with industrial bioscience company Amyris

Fragrance and flavors maker Givaudan has announced a collaboration with industrial bioscience company Amyyris to research, develop and produce active cosmetic ingredients.

The newly expanded collaboration aims to create new ingredients that ‘demonstrate significant performance, cost and sustainability advantages over existing ingredients.’

Maurizio Volpi, President of Givaudan’s Fragrance Division, said, “We are very pleased to expand our ongoing partnership with Amyris. As Givaudan continues to look for innovative and sustainable solutions, we are expanding the relationship to apply Amyris’ technology to the new field of active cosmetic ingredients.
“This partnership demonstrates three concrete steps fully in line with our 2020 strategy: First, Open Innovation, by leveraging external partnerships; second, Sustainability, by looking at different ways to source raw materials; and third, Active Beauty, a growing area of investment for Givaudan.”

Givaudan and Amyris have been working together for several years in the research and development of proprietary fragrance ingredients however the new expansion will allow both companies to benefit.

Indeed, the partnership is said to ‘leverage the diversity and value of Amyris’ R&D platform and manufacturing capabilities for designing high-performance, cultured ingredients’, According to the company, during the partnership ‘Amyris will use its strain engineering platform to design cosmetic active targets, and scale them up at its manufacturing facility in Brotas, Brazil for exclusive commercialisation by Givaudan.’