Glass half full: Zalando debuts summer campaign, Activists of Optimism

THE WHAT? Zalando has launched its new campaign, Activists of Optimism. After a year of global lockdowns and restrictions, the new marketing drive is aimed at celebrating positivity and spreading smiles.

THE DETAILS The commercial comprises 22 videos of positive action takers, woven together into a vibrant TV advertisement, plus stills photography, murals, ‘positive listening’ adverts on Spotify and, in addition, the 11 activists will spread the word on social media channels.

THE WHY? Ralph Rijks, Zalando’s Vice President of Global Marketing comments, “After a year of lockdowns, for our 2021 summer campaign, we wanted to celebrate the season of hope and optimism by making people smile and provide them with a stage to express optimism freely. We define activist of optimism through people who bring joy to others and themselves – whether it is a song, a dance or an innovative make-up tutorial on TikTok, it is these small optimistic acts that connect us and spread joy. The campaign brings to life our 2021 overarching narrative of turning optimism into positive action (for yourself and others) through the joy of living life.”