Global survey reveals consumer insights on packaging

Global survey reveals consumer insights on packaging

Nearly 83 percent of global consumers are at least moderately satisfied with product packaging, according to a survey by US-based packaging company, MeadWestvaco Corporation.

The third annual ‘Packaging Matters’ survey gathered the opinions of 5,000 consumers across France, Germany, China and Brazil. It questioned consumers on packaging importance and satisfaction across 11 different markets, including beauty products, personal care and fragrance.

The survey found that compared to last year, global satisfaction is up 6%, with a 3% increase in the United States.

One in ten consumers responded that they are completely satisfied with packaging. The survey highlighted the importance of developing satisfactory packaging as a method of boosting profitability.

Respondents who were completely satisfied with packaging were more likely than their less satisfied peers to purchase and use products frequently (57% versus 47%), shop more frequently (24% versus 17%) and try new products (44% versus 36%).

Consumer that were completely satisfied with packaging approved of solutions that innovative while simultaneously being functional and safe.

Tucker McNeil, MWV’s director, corporate communications, explains, “Packaging has a very basic functionality to it. That basic functionality has an emotional aspect to it as well. People get really frustrated when it doesn’t work. …That’s where consumers have the biggest gap in expectations, the most dissatisfaction. ”