Glossybox takes stand against ‘abusive’ customers

Glossybox takes stand against ‘abusive’ customers

UK-based beauty subscription service Glossybox has decided to take a stand against customers that leave abusive or aggressive comments on social media and has changed its business model to no longer tolerate or ‘apologise’ to said consumers.

The successful subscription service is said to be protecting its brand on social media sites by no longer allowing it to be a ‘customer care platform’ and instead is changing the angle to a community of beauty fans. And with 80 percent of the company’s new business based on word of mouth recommendation, its clearly hesitant to let online abusive tarnish its reputation.

Rachel Kavanagh, Glossybox Managing Director UK & Ireland, took over the company in 2013 in a bid to turn around its social platforms. And such is her stance, she’s not afraid to ask people to unsubscribe should they become abusive.

Speaking at the New Rules of Beauty Marketing and PR event in London this month she said, “If there is someone who is persistent on social and on customer care and we see a pattern and it is aggressive and it is abusive, we will nicely ask them to leave the business model… it’s a community and that is how I see it. We are fiercely protective of our community and we want to nurture it.

“We don’t want it to become a customer care platform, that’s quite important. And also no backhanded apologies, no, ‘I’m sorry, you didn’t like that’ that stops. The customer isn’t always right… brands are actually going to start saying ‘no you’re not right’ to the customer. We have an authority, we know our position and we stand by it. This is our channel so that fear has to stop because you can’t progress. You don’t do your business any favours and you don’t do your customers any favours when you allow that level of negativity to take off.”

In a bid to move forward, the company is engaging more deeply in digital video, an area the brand has previously struggled with but are all too aware there is a growing desire for among beauty consumers.