Good skin equals a good impression, Shiseido research reveals

Good skin equals a good impression, Shiseido research reveals

THE WHAT? Shiseido has revealed the results of a joint research project with the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology that sought to verify scientifically whether facial radiance influences facial attractiveness and gives a good impression to others. Spoiler alert, it does.

THE DETAILS The study also concluded that skin radiance also creates a younger impression, knocking three years on average off facial appearance.

The study asked 160 female participants in the 30s to late 40s to record their impressions using 10 metrics, such as attractiveness, likeableness, healthiness, tiredness, when shown images of the face of the same woman. The results revealed that a facial image with light reflection gives the most favorable impression.

THE WHY? Until now, the theory that facial skin radiance gives a positive impression was a theory only, it had not been proven. The results can be applied to future skin care, make-up and digital development. “Shiseido will utilize these study results in the design of skincare and base makeup products that help create ‘radiant skin’ and a positive impression in various communication scenarios, and continue to provide consumers with cosmetics that have high emotional value,” the company said in a statement.