GPA Global announces acquisition of packaging company Cosfibel Group  

GPA Global announces acquisition of packaging company Cosfibel Group  

THE WHAT GPA Global has announced the acquisition of Cosfibel Group, a luxury packaging, gifting and merchandising player. 

THE DETAILS Cosfibel works with premium brands including Chanel and LVMH, and is based in France. 

Adam Melton, CEO of GPA, said: “I’m excited to welcome the Cosfibel team to the GPA family. Cosfibel’s CEO, Marie Sermadiras, is a serial entrepreneur and she has joined GPA’s executive leadership to help further GPA’s expansion in Europe. Our global supply chain and manufacturing capabilities will enable us to better support Cosfibel’s customers and increases our prominence in the beauty and food sector, while furthering our leadership in wine and spirits. Cosfibel has a talented global team and its founder Alain Chevassus will work with us in a senior advisory role.” 

THE WHY The latest acquisition sees GPA further establish itself in luxury packaging and, according to the company, advances GPA’s goal of growing nearshore and onshore manufacturing capabilities.

A press release stated: “It creates a strong European foothold for GPA through Cosfibel’s key manufacturing facilities in Spain, Portugal and Belgium. This growth in presence is key to GPA’s strategy of helping clients shorten supply chains to increase speed-to-market, de-risk the supply of materials, and reduce carbon emissions.”