Green Gorilla announces first web presence alongside launch of new hemp-based range

Green Gorilla announces first web presence alongside launch of new hemp-based range

Hemp and cannabis-based consumer products retailer Green Gorilla has announced the launch of its first website, which coincides with the launch of its new Hemp & Olive line of cannabiol-infused products such as cosmetics.

The website features a shop for consumers to purchase products from the company and third parties alongside an events and news page. Meanwhile the Hemp & Olive line consists of 50 supplements and cosmetics, as well as pet care products.

Based on 100 percent organic extra virgin oil infused with 100% pure & plant-based CBD, the line will consist of six products in two ounce sized bottles and will be available in three flavors; lemon, mint and olive oil.

Co-founder Philip Asquith say, “Green Gorilla is committed to ethically providing people with the tools needed to live healthier and longer lives. Hemp is an incredible resource, and we see great potential here for both helping people, and also helping to preserve and protect our planet. It’s a very exciting time.”

Steven Saxton, also Co-founder sees big things for the brand, “We’re building an international brand in the hemp and cannabis industries. We see extraordinary potential here, and are excited about being one of the first international brands in the space.
“The company is currently focused on developing a multitude of market leading product lines centered around hemp and the picks and shovels of the cannabis industry, as well as a state of the art web portal addressing a wide range of related goods, services, and online interaction & education.”



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