Greenpeace targets Unilever in protest against plastic waste

Greenpeace targets Unilever in protest against plastic waste

THE WHAT? Ahead of Unilever’s results announcement this week, Greenpeace has erected an enormous sign above the UK-based FMCG giant’s HQ reading ‘Profit Warning – Plastic Polluted Money’. Activists from the environmental organisation scaled the walls at dawn to hang their banner.

THE DETAILS Break Free From Plastic has ranked Unilever in the top three of its list of corporate plastic polluters, Greenpeace revealed. It is calling on the manufacturer of Dove to cease the sale of sachets immediately and to phase out single-use plastic within the next decade.

THE WHY? Nina Schrank, Head of Plastics at Greenpeace UK, reveals, “Unilever’s profits are drenched in plastic pollution. Brands like Dove might give them a clean public face and a healthy bank balance but the truth is the billions in profit Unilever will announce is matched only by the billions of pieces of plastic they flood into the world. From devastating floods to toxic fire fumes, it’s communities far from their London HQ in places like the Philippines and Indonesia who are paying the price of plastic pollution.

“That’s why we’re here issuing Unilever with their own profit warning – profiting from plastic pollution is a dead end, they have to change.”