Gucci Beauty launches Rouge de Beauté Snapchat lens

Gucci Beauty launches Rouge de Beauté Snapchat lens

THE WHAT? Gucci Beauty has launched a Snapchat lens to promote its new Rouge De Beauté Brillant hybrid lipstick.

THE DETAILS The lens allows users to create their own make up look using the key products from the make-up collection, while trialling the new lipstick shades. 

Gucci’s first beauty lens, it’s available via the Snapchat lens carousel and Snapcode.

The experience starts with a sleep mask being placed over the user’s eyes before moving on to the Fluid De Beaute Fini Natural foundation lens, moving through to other face products, mascara options and then, finally, the new lipstick. 

THE WHY? As luxury beauty brands continue to pioneer new marketing avenues to attract a Gen Z audience, Snapchat virtual try-on lenses are an increasingly popular advertising route. 

According to a press release the lens is aimed to ‘champion self-expression.’