Gucci to launch hub for circular luxury in Italy

Gucci to launch hub for circular luxury in Italy

THE WHAT? Gucci, with the support of Kering, has announced the launch of the first hub for circular luxury in Italy. The center aims to accelerate the circular transformation of the Italian fashion industry’s production model.

THE DETAILS Starting from raw materials and design through to production and logistics, the hub, which is located in Tuscany, will be an open innovation platform for the creation of circular products.

THE WHY? The goal is to not only reduce the group’s environmental footprint but also make Made in Italy stronger and more competitive. Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer at Kering, commented, “The fashion industry needs to accelerate and launch serious actions to catalyze deep change, rethinking the way we produce and use resources as well. The creation of our Circular Hub represents a milestone that goes in this direction. I am extremely pleased that the hub will see the light in Italy, home of some the Group’s strongest and most renowned production hubs and know-how.”