Guerlain champions sourcing transparency with new Bee Respect platform

Guerlain champions sourcing transparency with new Bee Respect platform

Guerlain has launched a new transparency and traceability platform for its skincare products named Bee Respect.

The tool champions sourcing transparency by allowing consumers to trace the origins of the product’s ingredients, its manufacturers, packaging and production details.

Sandrine Sommer, Sustainable Development Director of Guerlain, said, “We worked with all the teams involved to collect and compile all the data available on each product’s life cycle. The tool provides an overview of the product, so everyone could work on their environmental impact, based on this information.
“We developed the platform hand in hand with Product DNA, because the traceability of a cosmetic product is complex, especially when it is composed of many ingredients.”

Available in French and displaying 80 percent of each skincare formula’s ingredients, the tool makes product data accessible to consumers using QR codes on the company’s website. Guerlain then uses a map to show where the product was sourced, made and packaged.

The website will provide packaging suppliers’ names and locations, while consumers can also discover more about the product’s transport journey, carbon impact, recycling and worldwide POS locations.

Sommer continued, “It is like inviting our customers behind the scenes. We do not hide anything, even if not everything is perfect. And it is an opportunity for us to explain the efforts we make about certain controversial ingredients.
“Being transparent means honestly and genuinely sharing our actions as part of our social and environmental commitment, and BEE RESPECT is an additional milestone in our sustainable approach. It also corresponds to customers’ growing need for more information about the products they use.”

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