Haus Labs by Lady Gaga and Sephora Forge European Expansion

Haus Labs by Lady Gaga and Sephora Forge European Expansion

THE WHAT?  Haus Labs by Lady Gaga, a clean and science-driven beauty brand, is set to expand its presence across Europe by launching in 12 new countries exclusively with Sephora, building on the success of its UK launch last year. This expansion, effective from March 26, 2024, will make its innovative beauty products available in a total of 15 countries, showcasing the brand’s commitment to reaching a broader audience through Sephora’s extensive retail network.

THE DETAILS  The brand differentiates itself with its unique blend of art, science, and kindness, powered by HausTech innovation and featuring standout ingredients like Fermented Arnica. A special digital-first event hosted by Lady Gaga and NikkieTutorials on March 26 will introduce the brand’s ethos and product line to the European market, emphasizing a modern approach to beauty marketing and consumer engagement.

THE WHY?  The strategic partnership between Haus Labs and Sephora marks a significant step towards revolutionizing the beauty industry through innovation, inclusivity, and kindness. The collaboration is celebrated by key figures from both companies, highlighting the shared goal of delivering groundbreaking beauty solutions and fostering self-love among consumers across Europe, further establishing Haus Labs’ leadership in combining art, science, beauty, and technology.