Haut.AI Secures Funding for AI-Driven Skincare

Haut.AI Secures Funding for AI-Driven Skincare

THE WHAT?  Haut.AI, a European company at the forefront of generative AI in the beauty and skincare industry, has raised €2 million in seed funding from LongeVC and the venture capital arm of Grupo Boticário shareholders. This investment will fuel the expansion and scaling of its no-code skincare e-commerce personalisation software. Additionally, Haut.AI is focusing its research and development on multimodal generative AI for advanced skin analysis.

THE DETAILS  The company, co-founded and led by CEO Anastasia Georgievskaya, has revolutionised skincare analysis through AI technology, transforming selfies into powerful diagnostic tools for online businesses, accompanied by personalised product recommendations. Haut.AI’s technology has been recognised and adopted by leading partners like Beiersdorf and Ulta Beauty. Their approach includes the use of generative AI technologies, such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), for high-quality synthetic data generation and the development of SkinGPT for virtual skincare try-ons. Haut.AI also emphasises the importance of ethical AI, maintaining a vast and unbiased skin imaging database.

THE WHY?  Haut.AI’s efforts are not only about enhancing online cosmetics shopping but also about advancing the field of skin health through AI-driven early detection, diagnostics, and personalised care. Industry leaders and investors, such as Garri Zmudze of LongeVC and Paulo Braga of Grupo Boticário, recognise Haut.AI’s potential to reshape the future of skin wellness. With this funding and strategic partnerships, Haut.AI aims to broaden its impact, bringing advanced and equitable skin analysis technology to a global market while continuing to develop innovative products and partnerships in the skincare industry.

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