Health Canada issues cosmetics product safety notice

Health Canada issues cosmetics product safety notice

Health Canada has issued a consumer product safety update to inform Canadian consumers of the health and safety dangers of buying products such as cosmetics online.

The association has said that while there has been a rise in products being available to purchase online, many of them do not meet Canadian laws and regulations.

According to the update, ‘Consumers should be aware that some products found online could be prohibited in Canada, or may have been recalled from the Canadian market for failing to meet health or safety requirements. There is also a risk that products and cosmetics purchased online are counterfeit, or not as advertised.’

Consumers are being urged to check Recalls and Safety Alerts Database for information about recalled products, and the Canada Border Services Agency website to find out about what you can and cannot have shipped into the country.

The agency is working with international partners to further assess the risks that come from purchasing online.