HeiQ Launches Biobased Skin Care Textiles

HeiQ Launches Biobased Skin Care Textiles

THE WHAT? HeiQ, a leader in textile innovation, has developed HeiQ Skin Care, a 100% biobased textile finishing technology. This new product aims to improve the skin’s health and appearance by enhancing the skin microbiome through the use of active probiotics and prebiotics.

THE DETAILS HeiQ Skin Care employs a synbiotic approach, combining prebiotics and probiotics in a biobased textile matrix. This technology is designed for durability, remaining effective even after multiple washes. It can be applied to various textile fibers and is suitable for a wide range of textile products, including clothing, sports gear, and bedding. The technology functions by releasing synbiotics onto the skin to create a balanced microbiome.

THE WHY? The development of HeiQ Skin Care addresses the need for maintaining a healthy skin microbiome, which is essential for skin health. Disruptions in the skin’s microbial balance can lead to various skin issues. HeiQ’s innovation aims to support the skin’s natural barrier and repair mechanisms through its synbiotic textile finish. The company plans to showcase this technology at ISPO Munich 2023, highlighting its commitment to textile innovation for well-being.