Henkel adopts new lightweight aerosol can developed by Ball Corporation

Henkel adopts new lightweight aerosol can developed by Ball Corporation

US-based sustainable packaging company Ball Corporation has launched a new lightweight aerosol can which it is supplying to Henkel Beauty Care to assist the consumer goods giant in reaching its sustainability goals.

Ball has updated the design of its ‘ReAl’ aerosol cans, which originally launched last year and featured 25 percent recycled material, resulting in a package that was 11 percent lighter than a standard aluminium aerosol can. The latest version is now 15 percent lighter.

Ball claims that its “revolutionary technology utilizing recycled aluminum” creates a metal alloy that exhibits increased strength and allows weight reduction without affecting package integrity.

Henkel’s Fa can, which comes in 150ml and 200ml sized, is now the lightest commercially available can in the market. 

By utilizing light weight ReAl technology, Ball estimates that companies such as Henkel can reduce their carbon footprint by 12 percent since a lower rate of greenhouse gases are emitted during the product haulage process.   

Dan Rabbitt, Vice president at Ball Aerocan, commented, “ReAl is a material that is stronger, formable and compatible with Ball’s existing aerosol can lines. For companies like Henkel, who continually drive for more sustainable packaging, this means that they can achieve their goals without sacrificing design or shelf presence. Everyone wins with ReAl – the customer, the consumer and the environment.”