Henkel invests in start-ups youtiful and Purish

Henkel invests in start-ups youtiful and Purish

Henkel has announved that it is to strengthen its expertise in digital go-to market models via investments in two beauty start-ups: youtiful and Purish. The latter is a German e-commerce platform targeted at millennial and Gen Z shoppers, while the former is a community driven social selling platform.

The investments, which will be made by the German FMCG manufacturers venture capital arm, Henkel Ventures, are in line with the company’s strategy to accelerate digitalization.

“We are excited about the two venture investments in Purish and youtiful. Both start-ups have proven their unique capabilities and expertise in innovative digital go-to-market business models,” said Gesa Geissel, Head of Corporate Venturing at Henkel Beauty Care. “Digital direct-to-consumer relationships are becoming increasingly important as they allow connecting with consumers to improve consumer experience and capture trends early. We look forward to collaborating with both Purish and youtiful and to help them grow their businesses.”