Henkel North America expands scholarship program for Black, Hispanic and Indigenous students

Henkel North America expands scholarship program for Black, Hispanic and Indigenous students

THE WHAT? Henkel North America has announced that it is expanding its Scholarship and Internship program for Black, Hispanic and Indigenous students. The more than US$1 million initiative is designed to support dozens of students with financial backing and work experience opportunities.

THE DETAILS The program will be run in partnership with the United Negro College Fund, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Pathways to Education Canada and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

“Our commitment to building a more equitable society extends to the communities where we operate so that everyone, regardless of background, has an equal chance to succeed,” said Steven Essick, President of Henkel North America. “Henkel is proud to do our part by investing in programs that will strengthen the future workforce through access to education; and now is a more important time than ever for us to expand our program. The pandemic has exacerbated existing financial, familial, and technological barriers to higher education that impact underrepresented students the most, which could limit their opportunities in the workforce for years to come. We believe access to quality education and on-the-job experiences are crucial to help create opportunity in the job market among historically marginalized communities, and we look forward to welcoming this year’s applicants.”

THE WHY? Recognizing the need for systemic change to address barriers that make it difficult for low-income students of color to pursue higher education, the initiative is designed so that students from underrepresented communities have an equal chance to succeed.