Henkel signs VPPA with IGNIS

Henkel signs VPPA with IGNIS

THE WHAT? Henkel has signed a 10-year Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) with Spanish renewables firm IGNIS relating to two new solar power plants in Spain, due to go live in summer 2024.

THE DETAILS The German manufacturer of Schwarzkopf’s portion of the produced energy is expected to meet demand for more than 40 of its European facilities, with the agreed amount fed into the grid, saving some 72,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

THE WHY? Ulrike Sapiro, Chief Sustainability Officer at Henkel, commented, “At Henkel, we are on a journey toward an environmental transformation of our business model. As we aim for climate-positive operations by 2030, projects like this VPPA are an important lever to increase the share of green energy available in the grid and to thereby accelerate the broader conversion from fossil to renewable energy.”

“This VPPA is the most impactful multi-year renewable energy contract for Henkel in Europe. We appreciate our cooperation with IGNIS and look forward to breaking ground on this fantastic project,” added Petra Spallek, Henkel Corporate Vice President Purchasing.