Henkel to open source recyclability tool

Henkel to open source recyclability tool

Henkel is set to make a specially developed software tool that can determine the recyclability of new packaging quickly and reliably publicly available.

The German FMCG manufacturer’s EasyD4R tool is now easily accessed via Henkel’s website and it’s hoped that more companies and organizations will use it to develop sustainable packaging solutions. Henkel has been sharing the software on request since the start of the year as well as presenting it to members of the dm-drogerie markt’s Rezyklat-Forum.

“We want to promote open collaboration, and accelerate the transition to a circular economy,” says Dr. Thorsten Leopold, Head of International Packaging Development for Home Care products at Henkel. “This can only succeed if all participants along the value chain cooperate – especially with clear definitions and consistent evaluations. By sharing our assessment tool, we want to contribute to the recyclability of packaging.”

“With this tool, the recyclability of product packaging can be evaluated very well,” says Dr.-Ing. Markus Hiebel, Head of Sustainability and Resource Management at Fraunhofer UMSICHT. “We are delighted that companies like Henkel are taking their responsibility seriously and making a contribution to the development of recyclable packaging.”