Hey Bud goes viral with Taylor Swift promo

Hey Bud goes viral with Taylor Swift promo

THE WHAT? Australian indie skin care brand, Hey Bud has gone viral on TikTok after a canny promotional stunt timed to coincide with Taylor Swift’s Australian Eras tour. The brand handed out friendship bracelets and samples to fans as they entered the concert.

THE DETAILS According to a report published by Smart Company, the accompanying social media campaign has hit 5 million impressions in the space of a week, and engagement has surged 1500 percent versus previous campaigns.

THE WHY? Swifties, as Taylor Swift fans are known, often swap friendship bracelets at tours and, if Hey Bud’s goal was to boost sales and awareness, it has succeeded; offline sales have risen 30 percent and web traffic has been boosted significantly, Smart Company reports.

Founder Ollie Watts told Smart Company, “Taylor Swift’s influence has led to a substantial boost for us, particularly with brand exposure. Our strategy was to tap into her widespread fan base (better known as the Swifties) with fun and relatable content, which we believe is a reflection of our brand.”