Hilary Duff to front Unilever-Walmart collab to encourage recycling

Hilary Duff to front Unilever-Walmart collab to encourage recycling

Unilever and Walmart have launched a joint campaign designed to make it easier for consumers across the US to recycle with confidence. Bring it to the Bin, as the initiative has been named, will be fronted by Hilary Duff.

“We know how urgent it is to address the growing plastics waste problem we’re facing and we’re proud to partner with Walmart and Hilary Duff to take a leading role to increase recycling of plastic packaging,” said Amanda Sourry, Unilever North America President. “Through Bring It to the Bin, we will inform and inspire shoppers to join us in our commitment to recycle more. We are significantly reducing the amount of new plastic produced to make our packaging by using 50 percent recycled content across North America this year. With better recycling information and inspiration, shoppers can Bring It to the Bin to help us use more recycled material, keeping it out of landfills and the environment. The urgent need for action on plastics waste can only be met with collective action by companies, consumers and governments.”

Unilever’s packaging will feature clear recycling instructions through How2Recycle labels and contribute to the Anglo-Dutch FMCG giant’s North America division’s commitment to packaging made from 50 percent recycled plastic by the end of the year.

“As a mom, I always try to set a good example for my kids and that means teaching them to be conscious of their environment and taking an active role in preserving it. We recycle together and make conscious choices to incorporate reusable items into our daily life,” said Duff. “I hope this initiative inspires other families to recycle a little more each day. One choice you make differently is a step in the right direction for the future of our planet.”

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