Hurricane Maria causes ‘serious impediments’ to Essentra’s manufacturing operations

Hurricane Maria causes ‘serious impediments’ to Essentra’s manufacturing operations

Packaging company Essentra has announced that Hurricane Maria has significantly impacted capabilities at its two health and personal care manufacturing sites based in Puerto Rico. 

The company stated that there was ‘serious impediments’ to resuming manufacturing activity and that the total financial impact to the company will be around $678,350 – $1.02 million a week. However, the company hopes for the finances to, ‘ultimately be recovered through the Company’s comprehensive insurance policies.’     

Speaking in a statement Essentra said, ‘It is not currently possible to confirm the timing that normal output levels will be resumed, however, this is unlikely to be in the immediate future.”

Paul Forman, Essentra’s Chief executive, said: “Given the exceptional nature of Hurricane Maria and the current level of uncertainty regarding its ongoing impact, the Company is clearly continuing to closely monitor the situation in Puerto Rico and will provide an update in our next trading statement, or when we have greater clarity if earlier.”

The Manati and Guaynabo are not said to have sustained ‘significant physical damage.’

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