IFF launches new sustainability strategy

IFF launches new sustainability strategy

International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) has announced the launch of a new sustainability strategy. The announcement was accompanied by a report revealing the group’s 2015 sustainability results.

The company’s most notable accomplishments through 2015 include company-wide reductions in water and energy use, achieving a CDP Climate ‘A’ rating and perfect score in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index, the launch of its first Cradle to Cradle-certified fragrance, and formalizing support of the UN Global Impact and the American Business Act on Climate Pledge.

“Sustainability is crucial to our business,” said Andreas Fibig, IFF Chairman and CEO. “2015 was testament to our progressive and forward-thinking approach as sustainable leaders within our industry and the results highlighted in our 2015 sustainability report illustrate that perfectly. But our focus must always be on what is next, not what we’ve done. For that reason, we have launched our ambitious new sustainability vision and strategy that we believe can create a positive and measurable difference in the world.”

The new strategy plays a vital role in the company’s Vision 2020 business strategy, and is centered on three main aspects: Positive Principles, Regenerative Products and Sensational People. In drawing up the Vision, the team drew inspiration from Cradle to Cradle thinking, which prioritizes designing products and processes for resource effectiveness, recovery and reutilization.

“We have made excellent progress with our current strategy over the past five years, which created the foundation for the pioneering work we are beginning to engage in today,” said Kip Cleverly, Director, Global Sustainability for IFF.