PODCAST – Indie versus Heritage Brand

in-conversation with … a business podcast from Global Cosmetics News is a panel discussion about interesting things with interesting people all whom just happen to have a connection with the cosmetics industry.

Hosted by Georgina Caldwell, Global Cosmetics News Editor who was joined in this episode by:

Millie Kendall MBE CEO at The British Beauty Council

Baljinder Kaur Founder & CEO at ADARCI

Louisa Booth Founder & Managing Director at Popband London

Sara Jones Partner + Client Services Director at Free The Birds


  1. As a past Indie brand founder and now PD Consultant at Estee Lauder, I couldn’t agree more with the points you brought up in this conversation. The definition of “Indie Brand” is rapidly changing, and I think it’s the passion and clarity of vision within a brand that is proving to be more important, as opposed to its source of funding. There used to be a creative talent agency in NYC called Art+Commerce, and I think that name sums the situation up best – in the cosmetics industry, Art must come first, but Commerce must also be its equal partner, as both are needed in order to be a successful brand. It’s a tricky balancing act indeed!

  2. Really great discussion – the market is having a flood of cool new brands that come with values and mission out front. Creative Control and Designated to make Decisions gives that independence – but, some larger organisations that know how to get the best from a value-driven brand, doesn’t mean they are not beholden to a broader range of shareholders.
    So possibly, “Indie” is applied inaccurately to start-up brands that are carving that “for the people and planet” mentality that heritage brands have lost.


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