Innisfree accused of greenwashing over paper bottle claim

Innisfree accused of greenwashing over paper bottle claim

THE WHAT? Amorepacific-owned Innisfree has been called out over greenwashing following the discovery that a product labelled a ‘paper bottle’ was actually a plastic bottle wrapped in paper.  

THE DETAILS Following the purchase of the Green Tea Seed Serum, a consumer took to Facebook to question the South Korean beauty brand’s credentials, accusing Innisfree of ‘greenwashing’ and ‘misleading marketing.’ 

The product, which was launched as part of the brand’s eco-drive to reduce plastic packaging, is packaged in a plastic bottle encased in paper, which reads ‘Hello, I’m paper bottle.’

Innisfree has since apologized over the marketing gaffe.  

THE WHY? With eco-consumerism continuing to boom, the drive to create sustainable product packaging is ramping up in the beauty market. 

Speaking to Marketing Interactive, an Innisfree spokesperson said of the issue, “We tried to provide detailed information on the product package box but we overlooked the fact that the entire container can be recognised as a paper material because of the product name. We sincerely apologise for the confusion caused and will try to deliver more accurate information.”