INOLEX and ieS Labo – PhytoTrace™ – trending at … in-cosmetics 2016

INOLEX and ieS Labo – PhytoTrace™ – trending at … in-cosmetics 2016

INOLEX and ieS Labo – PhytoTrace™ – trending at … in-cosmetics 2016 

INOLEX and ieS Labo are pleased to announce the launch PhytoTrace, a line of traceable, sustainable extracts, which will be formally launched at In-Cosmetics, April 12-14th in Paris, France. PhytoTrace offers complete supply-chain transparency that brings products from farm-to-lab and connects formulators and consumers with the terroir and idyllic growing climate of Provence, France. PhytoTrace products include:

  • PhytoTrace Carrot
  • PhytoTrace Fig
  • PhytoTrace Lemon Verbena
  • PhytoTrace Olive
  • PhytoTrace Rice
  • PhytoTrace Saffron

“Originated, sourced, and produced in Provence, France, PhytoTrace represents the coming together of ieS Labo and INOLEX to provide a uniquely transparent set of products,” said Dan Winn, Executive Vice President and Head of Personal Care at INOLEX. “At our core, INOLEX is a company that embraces natural products and sustainability, and we are truly honored to partner with Pierre Cappanera, Maria-Paz Zuniga, and the entire ieS Labo team in building INOLEX as the premier source of traceable herbal extracts for the personal care industry.” “PhytoTrace is an important step forward for ieS Labo and INOLEX,” said Pierre Cappanera, Director of ieS Labo. “Intimate, farmer-by-farmer supply chain knowledge has always been at the heart of ieS Labo’s extract business, and we are pleased to partner with INOLEX to share that with our customers and the increasingly sourcing-conscious consumer.” 


INOLEX is an independent, global personal care ingredient company with expertise in synthesis and formulation, providing innovative materials for the world’s leading cosmetic and consumer product companies. INOLEX products include new, non-toxic technologies for preserving cosmetics, highperformance polymers for sun-care applications, and numerous other renewable, sustainable, green-chemistry-based ingredients which provide effective solutions for customers. 

Contact: Fana Makonnen

Technical Marketing Manager

INOLEX, Incorporated

+1 215-320-1534