Inolex debuts new corporate identity

Inolex debuts new corporate identity

THE WHAT? Inolex has launched a new corporate identity developed in partnership with Pentagram over the course of a year.

THE DETAILS The result is a bold approach designed to inspire ‘positive rebellion’ in the beauty and personal care industry. The new identity consists of a distinct teal wordmark and compact logo comprising a singular X. The proprietary imagery portrays the duality of nature and science.

THE WHY? Lisa Gandolfo, VP Marketing at Inolex, commented, “Inolex has been pushing the envelope for years, introducing sustainable technologies that have challenged and redefined ingredient mainstays in health, beauty and wellness.

“We’ve had the essence of our identity, this kind of rebellious spirit, in our products and our approach for decades. Through our work with the Pentagram team, we were able to distill who we are and what we offer to the industry into an elegant and artistic visual design and imagery that transcends all that we do.”