INOLEX: Icy Air Cream

Listen to Lindsay Lord, Application Scientist at INOLEX and Siobhan Murphy Publishing Director at Global Cosmetics News discuss how to formulate Icy Air Cream using;

Acid Blue 9 from Sentient Cosmetic Technologies

Glycerin from Sentient Cosmetic Technologies

Glutamic from Sentient Cosmetic Technologies

Keltrol CG-SFT rom Sentient Cosmetic Technologies

SustOleo™ TL

Lexol®  NBS MBfrom INOLEX

SustOleo™ GMS-SE from INOLEX

SustOleo™ BA from INOLEX

LexFeel™ WOW-A DT from INOLEX

Sepinov™ EMT  10 from SEPPIC


Aloe Vera Jucie from INOLEX Provence

Spectrastat™ OEL from INOLEX

click here to download formula

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